Response to: What’s going on with Meg and Dia?

Read Meg’s blog post here:

Rachel Ann Cauilan: You two have always been such a profound influence on my creative pursuits… whether it be writing or playing music, or just plain being you. Meg & Dia helped define who I am today, for without you two, I wouldn’t have fought so hard to say something and be something with my writing and music. You’ve helped me find my voice.

I know that most people are pretty sad to hear this news, but I’m kind of glad in a way. Meg & Dia was almost like a fond memory… or experience… To live under that for longer would only hinder your growth. All of our growths… Letting go of Meg & Dia will help us all move forward, to where we were meant to be, as musicians, artists, students, performers… wherever and whoever we are. I’ve always known and had faith that you guys will never stop being you… sharing your music, your experiences, your selves, with all of us. That’s what you’ve been doing your whole lives as Meg & Dia—it’s just that you’re all beginning to find your places.

So, I just wanted to send you a “Thank you” on my behalf, for being you, and for sharing yourselves with all of us. You’ve already made great things happen, and I can’t wait to see where you all go from here… Cheers to the present!!! and I hope to see you sometime in the near future 😉

This band has helped me form bonds with people I would’ve never otherwise have met… I’ve met people from across the nation, from Washington to Utah to Texas… and we’ve all become friends all because we found something in Meg & Dia that we couldn’t find elsewhere. Some of my fondest friendships have started because of a conversation regarding playing Meg & Dia on the guitar… The “Meg & Dia” experience defines my youth days, and has only helped me establish who and where I am today, pushing me to be the sum of all I am into the present.

So, am I sad? No. Am I disappointed? Absolutely not. In a way, I felt like I’ve been living under this band’s shadows for so many years. My adoration for this band was so strong that people would think of me, know me, compare me to, the Frampton girls. Albeit, I couldn’t’ve asked for two better gals to be in the same conversation with, but, the end of the “Meg & Dia” era is only a push for the present… Our present. To fully live and embrace where we are, having the time to flourish without the aid of a role model… It’s time to fly, y’all, and open our boundaries. Who couldn’t be more excited for that?


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