About Me

Growing up is just a means of growing into yourself, and I’ve found it my mission to share that with you.


Hi, my name is Rachel and let me tell you a little about myself.

When people ask me what my main mission in life is, I always say something along the lines of being a good person in the best way I know how. Whether that’s through my writing, music, collaborations or being a good sister, daughter, friend or confidant, finding the balance between it all is of utmost importance.

I started my first blog and joined a Philippine cultural dance company at 12; picked up the guitar at 13; recorded my first YouTube video at 15; conducted a red carpet press event at 20; produced and coordinated a live cultural production at 21 (Aming Pangarap: Our Dream); conducted my first music interview at 21; actively Vined, blogged, Instagrammed and tweeted my way through life; and continually strived to learn and grow just a little everyday.

My high school and collegiate years were a great period for growth and coming into my own as I had already seen some of my own dreams unfold. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a double in Literary Journalism and Film & Media Studies. I was an active member and student leader of Kababayan at UCI‘s Pilipino-American cultural club. I wrote for the campus newspaper and was blessed with the opportunity to personally meet, interview and befriend the very musicians who first inspired me to pick up the guitar in a long-form narrative story (Meg & Dia in “The Beast of Burden”). I also held an interview with a popular YouTube singer-songwriter (Kina Grannis); covered a live red carpet press event (Apl.de.Ap); had an article read and go viral by one of my favorite actresses (Shannyn Sossamon); my own video go viral (“Lost Stars”); and had a slight moment when a YouTube star hit on me (Gabe Bondoc).

Born and raised in a small town in suburban East Bay Area, I have always been an ambitious person who believes in knowing who you are, discovering what you love, and not being afraid to make what you love your life. And whether that is playing music, interviewing artists or writing about my own journey, I can only hope that my life lies testament to the values I hold so dear to my heart.

When all is said and done, I look to the future with excitement for the life lessons, struggles and high-and-lows that are to come. I am just a simple girl who loves to love and loves to be inspired–in music, word, feeling and all. I hope we can have a couple nice chats along the way.

My name is Rachel Ann Cauilan and I just want to make a testament of my life growing up, from all the people, places, things, and feelings I’ve known, and to give a little piece of myself, and my love, to you. I hope you enjoy.

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One response to “About Me

  1. Hi Rachel !
    I can’t believe what happened today so I had to contact you & to tell you 😀 Imagine, I woke up this morning so confuzed about everything – my life, my actions, my ambitions, my family & my friends, my dreams ( and real dreams too, those when you fall asleep ), the boy I’m contacting with, in fact, confuzed about myself and why I feel so empty and alone, when I realy am not, but alone in a way that I don’t feel I truly belong to anyone and anywhere, since I lost love of my life who was the best friend too . I was so happy and fullfiled ( not sure if I spelled it right xD ) for a couple of months, and then began to feel empty, like I didn’t want to contact with my emotions for so long and lately realized I didn’t know how to do it anymore . And today I was casualy texting with one of my friends about what kind of a man I need in my life and an hour later something “hit” me while I was in the shower, and when I came back I told her that what I truly need is just an INFJ person in my life . And later I watched a movie I found in PopcornTime : The Beauty Inside, and when I saw it, I was kind of in love with a movie 🙂 Mostly because I related to it in some way, I often feel like a different person everyday . So the movie inspired me to type that on Google just to find something I relate to, to be less alone . And I chose your article and related SO MUCH and wanted to read more and then I chose REFOCUSING ON A CHANGE OF ENERGY and your thoughts, your arrangement of words and your feelings, It just couldn’t be more perfect at the perfect time 🙂 So I thought IS THIS PERSON MAYBE AN INFJ ? WILL NEVER FIND OUT . . . And then I READ A SENTENCE WHERE YOU WROTE SOMETHING LIKE “As a type 2 Giver, INFJ, . . .” and I couldn’t believe, realy I couldn’t ! So I was so happy and like the emptyness is filled in some way, your words were just like touching my soul and then I found out you are an INFJ ! I mean, I was thinking THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE DAY about wanting to find one of you ! And at one moment of saddness today, I wished I had a Pisces person in my life again 🙂 And then I found you so spontaniously and just at the moment I thought that you are INFJ, and you wrote you’re a Pisces, i remember I read it somewhere ! ( My Moon is in Pisces, that’s probably why I love to have you people around 🙂 )
    I just wanted to share that synchronistically thing with you and I would be so happy if we can be friends ! ( ? ) ^^
    And even if you don’t reply I will continue to read your blog, because today I found out what I’ve been missing in my soul, and your words are like the wind to my hidden fire 🙂

    Much Love,
    BOJANA ~

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