One of my favorite things is being able to connect with other individuals (so, I would love to have a conversation with you). Whether it’s about music, love, family, college, life, friends, ice cream, movies, Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron… Feel free to contact me any which way you like!

You can also send a separate e-mail to me at rachelcauilan@gmail.com.

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Tips on Navigating my Blog

Use my Category Cloud to sort through different types of posts.

Articles: Official and unofficial posts displaying new content and thoughts on music, media, etc.
Concerts: Live music, concert, and event coverage posts
Covers: New music cover songs by different musicians
Culture: Posts regarding my Philippine culture and the Fil-Am community
Dance: Posts relating to dance and Philippine folk dance
Food/Health: Posts relating to food, health, and body consciousness
Media: Comments and concerns on and those in our media-saturated community
Movies: Reviews and responses to new and old films
Music: Anything related to music
Reflection: My personal posts reflecting on different ideas and my own life
Response: Posts regarding my reactions and responses to several things
TV: Anything related to anything on television
Writing: Posts displaying my own writing

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