I like to play music.

I like to play music with friends.

I like attending and shooting live shows.

I’ve had some pretty incredible opportunities.

I (sometimes) like to talk.

I like to document my travels.

And I like interviewing cool people.

I cultural dance, too.

Performance with the KARIKTAN Dance Company at the 31st San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, June 2009.

Performance and choreography by Rachel Ann Cauilan for the DLS/CHS Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Club, May 2010.

Performance and choreography by Rachel Ann Cauilan and Christopher DeLeon for Kababayan at UCI’s 34th Pilipino-American Culture Night (PACN), April 2013. [Blog Post]

Showcase directed, coordinated and produced by Rachel Ann Cauilan with JR Baruela for Kababayan at UCI’s 35th PACN, April 2014. [Blog Post]

And sometimes I act in my friends’  videos.

Performance as Ana in “The Alternet,” directed by Gaby Hernandez, April 2014. [Blog Post]

Performance as Rachel in “Honeybee,” directed by Lauren Umaguing, December 2014.

Above all, I love to engage in projects I am passionate about. Let’s get creative. ❤

2 responses to “Videos

  1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World is one of my favorite songs. You played so well! Really jealous.

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