Because “Even In The Dark,” Company of Thieves and Daryl Hall bring Love (Live & Acoustic)

Company of Thieves with Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) – Even In The Dark (Live at Daryl’s House, Episode 15)

Because it’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. Because, as a generally positive person, hitting the dumps can really hit me hard.

But, that’s the beautiful part. For “without suffering, there would be no compassion.” Without feeling, I wouldn’t have found such safety, remedy, and a home in what I really love…

It’s feeling that has brought me back to what I love. And why I find more of a reason, and a calling, in my heart, to return back to you. To what I love.

Music was my first love. And this song in particular spoke very deeply to me in my younger years, as a small-town girl ridden on high dreams. It only feels right to find myself to it again.

Genevieve, you rock.

“For those who work so hard
Never see their children
Never see their children grow
Into the gifts they give them

This is life is all unknown
Gotta listen to their laughter
Everyone must be heard now
Even in the dark

For those who seek no answers
Keep it from the table
Ignorance is eaten up
When everyone must be fed

This life is constant hunger
See it in the dreamers
Believe in the believers of never-ending love
An endless kind of love”


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