Lily Kershaw Paints Haunting and Authentic Portrait of “Lost Angeles”

Lily Kershaw - Photo 2 (credit Diana Mantis)

Lily Kershaw. (Photo: Diana Mantis / Nettwerk Music)

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter captivated with her new EP Lost Angeles at the Hotel Cafe.

“Good evening, Lost Angeles. Are you feeling this?” singer-songwriter Lily Kershaw sang into her microphone with a sense of cool conviction.

Dizzying and haunting, the Los Angeles native, whose newly-released June EP Lost Angeles captivates, paints a portrait of Los Angeles that is haunting, honest and authentic.

Kershaw continued to sing: “Liquid gold took it’s hold / It took a girl home now you’re cold.”

The song “Party Meds,” one of many standout singles from her EP, is alluring and captivating. With slow and steady beats that pick up with the sound of cool finger-snaps and reverberating synths, Kershaw creates a moody and dark atmosphere with her music. Her voice takes you in as she speaks matter-of-factly, as her songs seem to document her very vulnerable and emotional experiences through sensual beats and lyrics.

She chants: “I’m just a little too late / I’m just a little too late” and then questions the listener: “Do you like your party meds? Do you like your heroes dead?”

As a performer, Kershaw is incredibly lively and kind, despite the very vulnerable and confessional nature of her music. She played a 45-minute set for her EP release show at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles last Thursday, June 14th, and was all smiles. (…)

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