Hanging Up the Apron

Little did I know a little more than two years ago this place would become a big part of my life, work and identity.

To Chimney Coffee,

You gave me not only a second home when I so desperately needed it, but working with y’all made me feel like I was hanging out with my friends everyday. All the people I’ve met, the community I’ve become a part of, my fellow baristas and roasters, bakers and chefs, and all the regulars and small business owners who I’ve been able to meet and grow up with and alongside these past few years… You’ve given me a lot. And you’ve taught me a lot about my character.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, the small business life, how to handle everyday mishaps and not take yourself so seriously, and how much I can handle in the midst of a global pandemic with all the people we’ve carried through. I’ve really learned the value of teamwork and leading a team here, as we always had such a bare bones crew.

Thank you to all my friends new and old who I’ve made because of this place, for sharing your joy with me during the very chaotic ride that was this shop. You’ve given me a lot, despite the burnouts and everyday mishaps that made me laugh at ourselves more often than not. And I’ve loved documenting it all.

Send some love to the @chimneycoffee Instagram page a.k.a. my shameless foodie galore, where I documented, posted, shared and communicated everything.

What a life. What a ride.

Khob khun ka, Chimney.
I’ll make it to Thailand (and your Thailand branch), someday. 🙏🇹🇭


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