My Experience on “The Voice” Finale and Dia Frampton (6-29-11)

After sleeping over my best friend Giann’s house, I went home around 6pm, got ready to take a family portrait for my church (which didn’t end until 10:30pm or so), ate Pho with my family, then went home to pack for “The Voice” as my brother scored tickets for it last minute. Yes, that’s right, I was going to “The Voice” finale to support Dia Frampton for one last time before her stardom begins. Words cannot even describe how grateful I am for Meg & Dia for not only helping me throughout middle school and beyond, but for also shaping me into the person I am– and inspiring me all the same to pursue my real wants, dreams, and passions in music and literature.

I felt gross as ever, but I went to my brother’s apartment in San Jose around 12am or so and went to sleep at 2am or so, waking up at 5am that morning to leave with my brother’s friend (and fellow Meg & Dia fan/”boardie”) and his sister. Funny, brother-sister and brother-sister, haha! We left for L.A. at around 7am and arrived in Burbank by noon to eat. Goodness, I better get used to those rides. We stood in line for 4 hours (yes, that’s right, 4 hours!) because I had General Tickets as opposed to Priority Tickets (who get in first), so the earlier we got there the better. After 4 long grueling hours of waiting there with everyone else, they admitted us and Anthony and I got to stay in the “pit”, right up close to the stage. It couldn’t have been any better, and I couldn’t have been any more energetic. hahaha. Funny how Hollywood is so fake! “Clap above your head! Shout, cheer, applaud! Have tears running down your face! We need energy!” Goodness, fake energy and crowd support for such talented performers. It’s too weird, because they’re so talented but we’re applauding them in such a fake and superficial manner. Catching a live TV taping sure is fun– but I don’t think I could ever do that again! Too much of a hassle, I swear. But ’twas fun and definitely worth the hassle. We ate dinner around 8pm or so (after the show), then headed straight back home from L.A. So much driving in one day! Haha, we’re crazy. But that just shows how dedicated Meg & Dia fans we are. I love it. We arrived back in San Jose around 1am and I didn’t go to sleep ’til much later.

Here’s what I had to say after that night:

“Dia Frampton, I’m so very glad I made it to the live finale taping earlier tonight. The sleepless night, 12-hour drive, and 4-hours in line was well worth it (no matter how spontaneous it was to decide to go down there!)! Seeing you again just reassured all of my foremost feelings. Coming back down to give us a handshake (I think you stared down my Chandler the Robot cocoon!) just truly proved to me how you’ve never really changed. You’re still the same Dia I’ve always known, still reaching out to her fans, even at “The Voice” (oh boy how I would’ve died and cried in that pit if you won!) I’m still so thrilled I was out there to support you on behalf of us Meg & Dia fans. Congrats! Very proud and very thrilled for what’s next! Just have fun with it, ♥ always”

3 sleepless nights, 12-hour drives in one day, greasy hair, no showers and sweat, filthy mouths… It was all so worth it. I think I know what it’d be like to tour all the time, haha. I haven’t slept in my own bed in so long, but oh how I could get used to it as long as I’ve things to do! …minus the no showers. Oh how the power of a guitar and music can move you places–literally!

Jade (one of Meg and Dia’s younger sisters) wrote such a well-written post about her personal experience with Dia’s journey on “The Voice”. Here’s an excerpt:

“Dia, the goal of the event was to spread the word about you.  It was to help “The Voice” in letting people hear your own voice.  It was about reaching out to people and letting them experience the little miracle that you bring to the world.  And, unexpectedly, I was presented with a whole network of people who enjoy and appreciate what you do.  And, unexpectedly, they showed me what music can do.  I forgot about how powerful one voice can be.  I forgot about how one voice can turn into thousands.  Thank you for the reminder.”

Here’s an interview written about Meg Frampton on when she went to a live taping. This coincides with everything I felt that night:

“Twenty-six-year-old Meg Frampton, Dia’s sister and fellow band member, was pleasantly surprised when she went to attend a taping of “The Voice” for the first time and saw her sister unchanged by her newfound fame. “You’d think she would be decked out now that she is becoming ‘famous,’” Meg Frampton said taking to her blog “I half expected her to have glitter on her eyes, perfectly manicured nails, and those sky-high heels that are so trendy in California right now, but she didn’t. Just like her usual self, she wore a pair of scruffy navy blue sweats … and not even a tad of makeup.””

This is how I know she hasn’t changed at all. Dia’s presence on stage was so familiar. Her mannerisms (like always) coincided with mine, her coming to greet us and recognizing my “Cocoon” necklace… It was so comforting to finally have closure with Dia’s presence on “The Voice”. I’ve been so afraid for so long that that intimate relationship with Meg & Dia’s fans would be lost, and, as much as that may happen, I can say with confidence that they still will be who they always were to me. They’ve valued their fans so much over the years that the “boardies”, or hardcore fans, have almost become like family to them. That, or Meg & Dia has become a fan group, haha. But it’s ridiculous how incredibly dedicated and passionate Meg & Dia (and now Dia) fans are– I’ve never met any other sort of fan base. Dia is in such good hands now, thanks to “The Voice” and the people she’s met (most especially the sweet Blake Shelton!). I’m growing as much as they are growing– all at the same time. It’s time to let them go into the world to touch other people, just as they’ve touched me. This day sure was coming for them, but I’m glad I was there to witness the ride. This band has provided me with so much, and really started it all for me… This is both our our break-out periods.


My week started with playing music for a church camp to making covers with my best friend, to ending with the one who started it all for me… It couldn’t have been more perfect.


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