My Experience on “The Tonight Show, Jay Leno” with Dia Frampton (12-2-11)

Yes, that’s right. That is me, giving Jay Leno a high-five last night on The Tonight Show! I thought I would never ever ever go to a live TV taping again after The Voice (very stressful), but it’s always worth it to see and support the lovely Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia with Meg, Nick, Jonathan, and Carlo (who sprained his wrist beforehand and couldn’t make it on air). TV is TV, but it’s always worth it to be able to see and support the ones you love have their shining moment. I’m so grateful to have people in my life who are willing to witness me at my craziest and wildest moments of overwhelming love, support, and “WOOOOO!“‘s for the ones I love most… Although the crew people were blocking the stage where Dia performed on the opposite end of where I was sitting, it was so nice to be in the same room as her, yelling as loud as I can (I seemed to be the only one who knew her, ha…). Nonetheless, she gave such a beautiful and stunning performance… I’m so glad for the band. After all of their struggles in the past couple of years and turn of events, they deserved this moment. This is probably the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen them in person since 2007… I may be a diehard fan, as much as I try to not be, but they mean too much to me. They’ve spoken great lengths as to how I would live my life, and gave me so much insight into who I am and how to cope with the things in my life… They’ve been those role models I needed just when I didn’t really have one. And the best part is— they are just 5 simple people trying to make the best music they can. And to me, they have done just that. ♥


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