Introducing Me

Hello, and happy reading!

For whatever reason you may find yourself on this page, I just want to say first and foremost, Thank you.

Thank you for taking up an interest into my life and my story, with whatever travels or experiences I may journal in here; whatever images I feel are of importance or make me smile; whatever songs, videos, and media I feel a kinship to; and whatever art, information, beliefs, faith, inspiration, and/or love I hope to bestow upon you.

This is a space I have been actively participating in since I was 12-years-old. This is a space where I have developed a voice. This is where I have crafted my self-confidence through the sharing of videos. This is where I hope to grow with, and from. I only hope to make something of it someday.

And so, as a closing statement, I will say one more thing:
Hello, my name is Rachel Cauilan and I just want to make a testament of my life growing up, from all the people, places, things, and feelings I’ve known, and to give a little piece of myself, and my love, to you. I hope you enjoy.


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