Guitar Cover: “Love Alive” by Heart

“Love Alive”, Heart (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

Learned this song in two days, took a week to get comfortable with it, and here is the product of that…

Heart is one of my all-time favorite classic rock bands, and I have to mention that Nancy Wilson is one of the most brilliant guitarists I look up to today! I managed to see these two amazing ladies a week ago in Saratoga and they put on an AMAZING show. They are definitely a gem to experience live—they know how ot rock a stadium! Anyhow, I used two sources to learn this song and I hope I’ve done it justice.

Comments, feedback, love or hate… It’s all appreciated here. Practice your freedom of speech… Just know I’m a human too and I got feelings!

P.S. It’s also pretty difficult to do this song justice since there’s 2 guitars going in this song and I’ve only so many hands!


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