Covert Affairs: “Suffragette City” (Season 3, Episode 9)

“Cutty Love”, Milo Greene (From Covert Affairs S3EP9, “Suffragette City”)


The Song that played during the Auggie/Annie Dance Dream Sequence was absolutely perfect, i am always in complete Awe with the the detail and attention this show puts into choosing songs.

This is the season we’ve all been waiting for in Covert Affairs. For once, we have characters that progress over the season as we see characters change over time (Annie’s influence on Simon is unbelievable), we grow to love these characters (who’d ever think we’d ever like the mastermind spy Simon?), we see trials of romance (and how being in the CIA, as in Auggie and Parker’s romance, just doesn’t work out), and we see family ties tested (Annie’s work isolates her from her sister). Most importantly, we see such genuine friendships unfold (Annie and Auggie had such a unique bond from the start, that you can’t help but emotionally invest yourself in these two’s camaraderie), and we grow new respect while trashing old ones (who the hell do you think you are Lena?!?).

This past episode (“Suffragette City”) was such a beautiful episode–beautifully filmed, crafted, and written–and you get such small, special moments throughout it that bring you back to the beginning (that Covert Affairs series intro cut-scene parallels to Annie’s dream moment in this episode; that moment warmed my heart so much). I have to say that this episode really highlighted Christopher Gorham’s performance as Auggie; I’ve never rooted for him–or anyone for that matter–more than this, ever before, at a freakin’ television screen! It’s interesting how you can become so invested in a storyline… Piper Perabo is stellar as ever as Annie; her character is such a headstrong, good-willed person with a woman’s heart that it’s hard not to fall in love with her (of course, you get the ill-minded mistakes that remind you she’s just human–good job writers for making her relateable!). I applaud everything she does in the series. (And, am I the only one that actually got hurt a bit from accepting Simon’s fate?)

Whatever the case, I don’t think I’ve ever become so invested in a TV show… I thought I never really liked TV–except for mere amusement–(the last show I ever really got hooked on was Heroes) but, darn! They’ve got one heck of a team of great writers for this show. (And the fact that all of their season episode titles are named after song titles of artists like Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., and Mr. David Bowie himself is awesome!) You grow with these series, and you feel like you’re watching some sort of extended movie with cliffhangers coming out of nowhere–in the middle of a season?! Espionage at its best. ‘gotta love USA network. (And I’ve never found myself downloading more music featured in any TV show before…)


One response to “Covert Affairs: “Suffragette City” (Season 3, Episode 9)

  1. I saw this film last year. Disappointing, with too much scenery and not enough depth. Character development was shallow. Yet, as you point out, women’s vote was an important victory. For some women the price was too high 😉

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