Seoul Report: NBC’s “The Voice” Finalist Dia Frampton

(Source: KBS World,

This is a great, well-rounded interview posted just yesterday upon Dia Frampton’s arrival in Korea. She talks about her early uprisings as an artist, how “The Voice” has impacted her life, and what she thinks of Korea and Korean culture.

There’s also a quick performance of “The Broken Ones” with a rendition of 2NE1’s “Lonely” included, which, I have to say, she performs absolutely beautifully–so beautiful in a way that I haven’t heard her sing that lost in a song in a long time (she goes back to her vocal riffs and ad-libs so common to her time in Meg & Dia).

She seems so very alive and excited in this interview, which is so great to hear and see. It’s very humbling to see how Dia hasn’t really changed all that much, but that now she’s got so many opportunities coming her way and–she’s truly happy once again.

It’s always great to check up on where your favorite people are in the world. This was such an effortless and natural interview. Genuine Dia, here. Rock on, girl.


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