Milo Greene @ El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (11-17-12)

Milo Greene
El Rey Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, November 17, 2012

(This is a little late, but…) Here’s my compilation video of my night experiencing the band perform live. A little more than a month ago, I had the lucky chance to see this band perform live with a fellow friend from Irvine who was willing to drive, along with her best friend from a different school (who’s really into the music business as well, which was cool). I felt so blessed to be able to attend this concert since, while being in Irvine, I feel stuck most of the time since I have no transportation nor people who are remotely interested in the music I listen to, or are willing to spend a little money on concerts. And, as a newly up-and-coming band, it was a pleasant surprise to see that this show was Sold Out!

What particularly first drew me to this band was their unique approach to their music. As they released their first debut album not too long ago, with a good 1-2 years spent compiling, writing, and recording for it, they’ve created a true “masterpiece” with their self-titled debut album “Milo Greene”.

This is an exceptionally well-grounded, talented, versatile group of true musicians. I love their dynamic as they all seem to be having so much fun up on the stage. Their music is so infectious. Their getting-lost into the music is heart-warming. They graced the audience with each of their vocals, running around stage switching from guitar to drums to tambourine to piano to vocals… And, as musicians who have been doing this music-thing for a long time, with time spent with other bands and whatnot, these impassioned individuals have united to create something truly eclectic–and that can be seen in their extraordinary charisma and charm onstage. This band should definitely be looking towards a bright future as they are just at the brink of a successful career… They have a lot to look forward to, and they’ll definitely be around for a long time.

I also had the pleasure of meeting and talking with each of the band member’s after the show (boy, I haven’t done that in a long time since waiting for Meg & Dia after shows back in ’08 and ’09!)… Upon meeting them, I’ve found that they’re an extremely humble group of people. As this was their last tour date and back home in Los Angeles where it started for them, they definitely gave their performance their all (even if they just had one album to perform with). I told them I  admire their work ethic and persistence in pursuing music, and I think their album is just a true masterpiece and work of art… I just admire the effort they put into this. AND, to sound even better live and to fall in love with their charm and performance? It’s something special to have that unique kind of performance ability. AND, I don’t normally pay lots of $ to go to concerts unless it’s a band I truly admire and love… Thus, Meg & Dia and Heart have been the two I’ve lain some real cash for (and Silversun Pickups for my brother). But, Company of Thieves is the next, as I’ve been waiting to see them for a long time (such a musically breath-taking indie rock band that truly captures what music is to me…and how it should feel…). I still want to see classics like Hall & Oates and Fleetwood Mac, but Milo Greene has that unique groove to their music that I couldn’t miss. I’d definitely go to see them again when I have the chance. AND, I thank the TV-show Covert Affairs for helping me discover this band… Their music really takes you somewhere, and you just get lost in it, as they themselves even do…



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