Searching for a Feeling (Fall Quarter 2013 Festivities)

Fall Quarter 2013

Oct 2: Santa Ana Art Walk
Oct 19: Historic Filipinotown, LA Tour | The Milk Shop, LA
Nov 1: Halloween Horror Nights
Nov 2: Santa Ana Art Walk | Agentbear’s 1st Art Show
Nov 9: Umami Burger, Milk + Honey @ The Camp, Costa Mesa
Nov 11: Alcove Cafe & Bakery, LA | JFAV March, Hollywood

Because my traveling spirit will never say “no” to any chance it can get to go out and experience the beauty of life the world outside of UC Irvine can offer.

I’ve long often battled within myself the frustration of feeling “stuck” and “immobile” whilst in the college environment. My small-town suburban upbringing always dreamed of a bigger life ahead of her–one packed with more meaning, experience, and uplift. I strove for my life to be something more than the lack of experience I felt in my small-town life. As I grew to discover my faith, values, writing and music from middle-to-high school, I believed my life could be meant for so much more. My peers and teachers gave me positive reinforcement, which withered away the doubts I so often held in myself. And, as I got older and saw the “peaks” and “attraction” of artists’ younger years, I became restless to growing older making no marks in whatever art I aspire to create.

I have dreamt of being that musician, songwriter, girl-in-the-band… And I settled for being that writer, journalist, screenwriter, or what have you… I moved on with being a cultural dancer with an opportunistic mind to spread my love and knowledge onto others… Yet, at the core of what lies within me is that yearning for what she doesn’t have. But isn’t that the core of what lies at every dream? “A dream is only a dream as long as it is not achieved,” a friend told me once. And all I want is that quiet little public life, sharing myself and also having that one special friend, or love, by my side.

Aside from my obligations serving on Kababayan Board and as PACN Director, it’s good to have some time for excitement and hope that makes my being here a little easier on me. It takes a toll on my schoolwork at times, however, though… whatever it takes to help you get by? Right?


May music always move and inspire me. I may never be able to let you go or put you down, but I just hope you can bring me somewhere nice someday, sometime, somewhere… [Video Link]

My life always seems to be in constant search of meaning. No matter how much I may involve myself or how social I make my little shy self to be, I’ve yet to find the true answer to my hopes and dreams. Whatever it is that will make me feel most “at home.”


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