Falling in love with Scarlett Johansson for “One Whole Hour”

Scarlett Johansson – One Whole Hour
(From Wretches & Jabberers, 2011)

It seems that I have been falling more and more in love with Scarlett Johansson over the past year. Her talent is unrecognized, yet much of what she is known for is for superficial means. And, I’m gonna tell you why I adore this woman.

She has such a quiet yet enchanting presence on film (especially with her breakout in Lost In Translation). But, she’s also smart, artistically-tune, and not afraid to let out a belly laugh.

At first set-back back by her husky voice in her youth, it seems that it has given her a special nuance within film and music. As I first heard her singing back in 2009 when she collaborated with artist Pete Yorn, her subtly husky and breathy sweet voice seems to really distinguish her from a lot of recording artists today, bringing something especially special and unique.

As actors and actresses often have a special ability to portray emotion, I cannot quite get over this little song she did for a documentary-film in 2011 called Wretches & Jabberers.

As having recently fallen in love with her work in Don Jon, Her and her other musical works, I’ve found that she openly embraces the woman she is. For recognizing truths in the media as portraying her as a sex symbol, revealing there to be much more underneath, to knowing herself physically, mentally and emotionally, there’s something a lot softer to her than I would not have otherwise recognized at first… And I’m thankful I have.

“I know just what it’s like
To wait for a voice inside
To appear in sound formation
And when you think you see
Someone who looks like me
Be aware it’s a grand illusion

I wanna step inside my bravery
I wanna take each day one whole hour at a time
I won’t scream so loud when I stand my ground
Cause I gotta ask when am I done waiting?”



2 responses to “Falling in love with Scarlett Johansson for “One Whole Hour”

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  2. I understand the one line to actually be:

    “To wait for a voice inside to appear *AND* sound formation”.

    ‘Sound Formation’ is a military term for calling [often with a bugle] for members of a unit to ‘form up’ into ranks and prepare to receive orders. It is a poetic way of stating that the aforementioned ‘voice inside’ is to bring order to the [presumed] relative chaos of the present.

    And for what it’s worth, the word ‘bravery’ sounds a lot like ‘Baby’ to me [meaning a lover, or in this case, probably romantic partner] – the ‘r’ sound is almost completely swallowed. I honestly think that the song makes a lot more sense with that substitution as well, although you are, of course, welcome to judge/choose for yourself. *bows* ❤ *hugs*

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