The story of “Lovelace” will break your heart

Linda Lovelace, the late porn star turned feminist anti-porn activist whose fame skyrocketed in 1972 with “Deep Throat,” is someone with a shattering story that deserves to be heard.

Movie still from “Lovelace,” 2013 film starring Amanda Seyfried.

Amanda Seyfried, who provides a subtly explosive and heartbreaking performance of Linda herself, brings a lot of truth and beauty to 2013’s “Lovelace.” I admit I was not quite ready for the intensity of the movie, however Seyfried’s performance brought a lot of charm, innocence and quiet intellect to a film that so subtly hints at harsh and painfully evil moments.

As the victim of psychological manipulation and beatings from an abusive husband–who was once so kind and compassionate to her conservative soul–the story of her being coerced by her husband to engage in numerous acts of violence is painful to watch. And to see that she does not get to bathe in the luxury of her success–a $600 million film revenue, having only gotten $1,250–it’s startling to see how she could go on for months of abuse without the support of her family, best friends, or those who can get any inch close to her under the pervasive eye of her husband.

This movie is very telling about the cruelty of the adult-film industry and the men who run it, as what we audiences often decide to shy-away from comes at us in full expressive and gory glory, right in front of our eyes.

“I had the misfortune of meeting Chuck Traynor,” Lovelace reveals in a television interview, years later after having to prove her having been abused. “He started out as a nice person and then did a complete 180 and beat me up from that day forward, physically, mentally, and psychologically. The psychological damage will never go away.”

Poignantly, in a scene where Seyfried is performing a photoshoot for the porno, she shyly notes to her courteous photographer, “You made me beautiful.” With damp eyes and a soft voice, her awe is completely felt. And it almost breaks your heart.


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