Milo Greene gets groovy on Conan with “Lonely Eyes” (1-28-2015)

If this performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien isn’t enough to get you to listen to Milo Greene’s newest album Control, released just this past Tuesday, I don’t know what will.

Featuring 1980s-inspired synthesizers that open to a light drum section played by Curtis Marrero, the quintet of singers, Andrew Heringer, Robbie Arnett, Marlana Sheetz and Graham Fink, lend their whispering vocals over the cool, danceable rhythm. Robbie and Marlana take the front-end of the vocals throughout the verses, as Andrew and Graham lend in their funky guitar licks and warm voices, which add to a fuller sound that is comparable to giving you the chills.

Towards the end of the second verse, tension builds up as Curtis’ drums drum on angrily and Marlana’s soft vocals fill the air as guitars roar in the background. Marlana occasionally goes to her soundboard to add drumbeats and keys to the song, which then leads to a fun dance break in which Graham solos ever so swoon-fully on his sparkly guitar. Robbie strums his electric throughout as Andrew grooves to his consistent bass-line. The entire band goes into a funk-filled sonic landscape as synths go on and the stage turns into a dance-floor.

Although a shift of genre for the previously acoustic-driven cinematic-indie rockers, “Lonely Eyes” proves that the band is still that group of five crafty musicians who create damn good, well-thought music (that we can dance and groove to). With Control, the band is sure to head in a more exciting, very current direction while still holding true to their detailed musicianship.

With Marlana’s sparkly jacket and smokey eyes, Graham’s slicked-back hair and the rest of the gang’s neat attire, Milo Greene’s taking control of their sound–and having fun with it. As a band who has always been fun to watch as we feel their fun on-stage, this performance captures that energy.

Milo Greene performing live on Conan. 1/28/2015. Photo Credit: Team Coco

Milo Greene performing live on Conan. 1/28/2015. Photo Credit: Team Coco

Watch the live performance video, which aired on 1/28/2015, on the official Late Night with Conan O’Brien website here.


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