Artists You Should Know: Sarah Jarosz

Sarah Jarosz | Courtesy of

Sarah Jarosz | Courtesy of

When I first heard American singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz’s song “Build Me Up From Bones,” I immediately pictured a woman who has lived through a lot of life. The songwriting was mature; songs were fluid, lush and layered; and overall feel very beyond-her-years. From the fiddly guitars and bluegrass sounds, Jarosz’s voice enchanted. And little did I know she was just a young 20-something performer like me.

At just 25-years-old, Jarosz is on to release her fourth studio album Undercurrent this June 17, following her 2013 Grammy-award-nominated album Build Me Up From Bones.

Jarosz is widely known as one of Americana music’s brightest young stars. Her debut album Song Up in Her Head was released through Sugar Hill Records at 18 during her senior year of high school; she enrolled in the New England Conservatory of Music that following 2009; she released her second album Follow Me Down in 2011; and graduated with honors in 2013 with the release of her third record that same year.

Known as a “contemporary-bluegrass prodigy,” Jarosz’s discography reflects her own personal growth as a musician and individual. Her latest album has been revered for its honest, emotional tenacity and nuanced tracks–a sign of her growing curiosity and commitment to constantly learn and grow.

I just think her music has encapsulated her own journey of growing up–of finding new sounds, discovering new feelings, experiencing new places and capturing the heart and soul of what those experiences mean to her and the world around her.

Undercurrent is Jarosz’s first album since graduating and relocating to New York City, which is reflected through her album’s 11 original songs (releasing on Friday, June 17).

Jarosz makes her return to Berkeley at the Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse on Sunday, June 12.

Listen to the song that made me first fall in love with her songwriting below:



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