Sometimes I just feel like I’m an aimless wanderer.

So I’ve had a bunch of random clips from the beach lately piling up on my phone and I thought I’d do something with them. These past few weeks have brought me out to Orange County more than expected — concert shoots, film shoots, events tagging along with friends.

Orange County will always be my second home.

Here’s to road trip season and all the people, places and experiences to see, meet and live through; but here’s to also to locking into our selves, our natures and leaning in on and knowing our strengths to bring our best selves out into the universe — through our work, family, relationships, friends, dreams and careers.

With all this wandering, things are marinating upstairs. (Did I really just use that word?)

Hope you enjoy my aimlessly wandering lost soul, and all these travel diaries I unexpectedly have created for myself. ❤

With love and honesty,


P.S. This song by Sarah Jarosz has always been one of my favorites. She first won me over back in 2016 with her single “Build Me Up From Bones” and my playlist randomly reminded me of her song. I even wrote about her as an artist you should know (“I just think her music has encapsulated her own journey of growing up–of finding new sounds, discovering new feelings, experiencing new places and capturing the heart and soul of what those experiences mean to her and the world around her”), and she is definitely an amazing songwriter to see live.


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