Summer Daze

The end of summer is approaching —

And I’ve learned to love better, talk better, be more mindful of how I talk about myself, talk myself up more, dream honestly, trust easily, express and communicate my wants and desires, and be more intentional with my friendships and relationships.

This life I’m living is right now. And I’d be damned if I weren’t loving the many lessons and blessings, challenges, conversations and many opportunities for growth that have been shown to me by friends and lovers.

Tbh, I’ve struggled with making a place that’s not home feel like home to me within the past year. Moving away from friends, family and your safety nest seems harder when you’re an adult because you realize you’re doing this all on your own.

So, if we’ve managed to share some special moments, seen each other eye to eye, stayed up late or slept in talking our ears and dreams off, this one goes out to you.

I’ve learned a lot. Ty for making me smile. And ty for doing life with me.

I’m grateful for every step of this way.

P.S. I guess this is my Lara Jean love letter to y’all, haha. ♥️
P.P.S. I guess I’ve been a little obsessed with The Story So Far’s new single “Upside Down,” released just this past week.

With love and honesty,


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