I Adjusted Month Two

Friends, I am happy to say that I’ve been feeling pretty well.

I survived another month, started it off with a weekend home in the Bay Area and returned back with a clearer and refreshed mindset…

To remember why it is I’m here and why it is I came here.

My excitement from my initial move this summer fizzled out as I was ready to get back to work — more music, writing and “me” time. The small town girl in me can easily get lost and overwhelmed in the big city that having the time to spend real quality moments and have real conversations with the people who matter most to me was important.

I’ll admit, it got rough. I hit a low where I felt utterly lost and alone — I didn’t know who to lean on, who I could turn to, if the work I did mattered or if I even had enough time to work on my music. The long drives, long hours, trying to feed myself and be there for various people got rough. It got overwhelming.

But I got a wake-up call, thanks to a dear friend.

I began to focus on my work (http://kore.am). I hit deadlines and interviews that were stressful but rewarding; I assisted on photoshoots and music videos that were both entertaining and busy; I drove to catch events and talk to new folk. I even met people who recognized me from social media and wanted to take pictures with me (crazy!).

I wrote and played more music; attended my first “blue” carpet TCAs event; reconnected with my high school BFF (where it felt like no time or distance had set us apart); reunited with my 1522 roommates (a.k.a. the best friends I ever made in college); saw live music that inspired more vlogs in me; spent more time under the sun and with the people I love, doing the things I love.

It’s been a busy month, and I can’t help but feel this is only the start. Things have been set into motion and, as I’ve officially passed my half birthday on the 9th, I’ve half a year to go until quarter-life hits.

But I’m a naive optimist. I may struggle at times but I know that I’m constantly moving, growing, changing and doing the things I feel work best for me at this point in my life… That’s the only thing I really can do right now. As other things are out of my control, life will answer back as long as I keep my head and my heart up.

One step at a time. Patience. And know when to put your heart and your best self forward to go after what you really want. ❤

Just let go and hold nothing back.

With love and honesty,



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