One Week Out

I packed my bags, said goodbye to my little hometown in the East Bay Area, moved into my friend’s room in Orange County and have made ways for a new life.

I have to admit, it all feels a little reckless to me. But in the two years since I’ve graduated and moved out of Orange County, the curiosity for the opportunities, networks and connections I’ve built up has always stuck.

It’s only been one week since I’ve returned and it’s nice to know that I have new people, places and experiences to explore. I’ve made new friends, met different people, befriended creatives who have already taken me in and done something I may have already regret; but I am loving this change.

I’m just beginning to build my roots in a place that doesn’t feel too much like home to me. As I said in my last blog post (and latest cover video):

I don’t know if it was smart for me to move at this point in my life. I’m always reminded of the people and opportunities I have back home for me — the people who believe in me and my music and writing and want to offer me those opportunities to write and play more.

This is all a process of my growth and — as always — I love sharing that with you. Hope you enjoy and I’m sure there’ll be more to come! ❤



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