Maybe I’m “Shy That Way” (Tristan Prettyman & Jason Mraz Cover)

I’ve gone through lots of changes as of late.

I packed my bags, said goodbye to my little hometown in the Bay Area, moved into my friend’s extra room in Orange County and have made ways for a new life.

I have to admit, it feels a little reckless to me, but for the past six or so months I’ve always had a curiosity to move, see what’s down here and further any opportunities that keep coming up. It’s been two years since I’ve graduated and moved out of the Orange County and that curiosity has always stuck.

The last month before my move has had to be my happiest. I had no worries in the world. I slept well; got into a great, consistent running routine (racked up 50+ miles in one month!); spent time wining, dining, brunching and falling more in love with all my friends and family; celebrated Warriors pride for the first time in the Bay; interviewed artists (with one even wanting to hear my own music and reminding me again of what it is I should be putting my energy towards); contributed articles about the Bay Area music scene; built up my portfolio; and even worked on a couple original songs with a producer back home.

I don’t know if it was smart for me to move at this point in my life. I’m always reminded of the people and opportunities I have back home for me — the people who believe in me and my music and writing and want to offer me those opportunities to write and play more. It’s all a process of my growth.

But, I just decided to run with that little damn feeling in my gut to be on my own for a little while.

Here’s a new cover, because as I’ve been holed up sitting with my originals for the past two months at home, I still want to record something new for y’all.

With love and honesty,



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