Earl gives “One Dance” by Drake a reggae makeover

Alaskan-born singer-songwriter and half-Filipina Kate Earl has given herself a jazz makeover in recent years. Her sultry vocals, Amy Winehouse meets Norah Jones breathiness and knack for soul and jazz music is refreshing and something that seems natural and in her element.

Earl has won crowds over in London over BBC Radio and on tour with Rick Astley as Earl; and with her rendition of Drake’s hit song “One Dance,” her reggae-infused style and swankiness to the song is a winner.

In a behind-the-scenes clip of her live recording of the song at Wilton Way Studios in London, she explains:

“[The song] started out as something that I would perform for my audience live that I just knew would create a moment in the set that would kind of be unexpected. Before I knew it so many people had resonated with it that we had to record it and we had to release it.”

“One Dance” was the biggest song of 2016 and one of the best-selling songs of all time, with up to 1.2 billion streams on Spotify.

I don’t know about you, but I am completely in love with how original Earl was able to make this song. Her live session captures the spirit of the original, yet she transformed it to truly make it her own. As she opens with a sultry, “Baby, I like your style,” it seems she is bringing the words and lyrics to a completely new understanding.

Send Earl some of your love by ordering her upcoming album Tongue Tied and listen to her live session of “One Dance” below.

Earl’s cover of Drake’s ‘One Dance’ is available to stream and instant download if you pre order Earl’s upcoming album here: https://Earl.lnk.to/TTAlbumID
Earl's new album "Tongue Tied" is also available to purchase now. Be sure to keep up with Earl and catch her on tour at http://earlmusic.co.


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