Dream pop rockers LANY debut emotional “Good Girls” (Music Video)


Frontman Paul Jason Klein in dreamy heartbreaking video for “Good Girls” (2017).

LANY is a band who has quickly won the hearts of thousands of teenage girls across the nation — and globe — and will only continue to break more hearts as they tour the nation on their LANY TOUR: PART TWO presented by Ones to Watch this fall, and the release of their long-awaited debut LP, released just this past June 30.

The reason LANY has been resonating for so many (including myself) is because their songs are simply catchy and heartfelt. With electro-pop synths, glittery guitar strums, licks and boppy drumbeats, the trio — made up of lead singer and heartthrob Paul Jason Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest — knows how to captivate crowds by simply telling stories of love, loss, feeling alone in your twenties and heartbreak.

Simply put: their songs not only sound and feel good but make your heart break a little, too.

A knack for nostalgia and longing, the video for “Good Girls” was released just ahead of their album. If you haven’t seen it yet, the heartfelt and honest sentiments of Klein is captured as he wanders earnestly through the neon-colored lights of Hollywood Boulevard searching for a lost love — frustrated, emotional and lost.

Klein wrote:

“‘good girls’ addresses the emotions of disappointment and unmet expectations battling against unconditional love and second/infinite chances. considering the narrative of the “ilysb” music video, i wanted to setup the storyline of this specific song as a potential prequel. watch ’till the end.

Get ready to dance ’til your heart breaks while watching the video for “Good Girls” below.

LANY's debut album LANY is available to purchase now. Be sure to also check out their past EPs Make Out and Kinda. Keep up with LANY and see them on tour at lanystore.com.


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