Milo Greene Makes A “Move” Ahead Of Third Album ‘Adult Contemporary’ (Single Release)

It’s time to hit the dance floor, because Milo Greene’s tasty new single “Move” will get you hooked.

The Los Angeles quartet, best known for their melodic indie rock anthems, harmonies and infectious live performances, released their newest single “Move” last Friday in tandem with the announcement of their forthcoming third album Adult Contemporary.

The single is sultry and melodic; singer Marlana Schatz takes main vocals on this track as she invites lovers to move. The song is full of the band’s familiar dizzying guitars, dreamy ambient sounds and driving bass lines.

Milo Greene, who is signed to Nettwerk Music Group, explained that adult contemporary was the “muse” for their new album, which they recorded in Nashville last year with Grammy-nominated producer Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses, Lissie). Their debut album Milo Greene (2012) featured the breakout single “1957,” full of cinematic indie rock anthems and warm acoustics; their follow-up Control (2015) featured more electronic elements to their driving guitar-driven tracks.

Made up of Marlana Schatz, Graham Fink and Robbie Arnett, who all share vocal, songwriting and instrumentation duties, Milo Greene also announced they will be having a special “An Intimate Evening with Milo Greene” to celebrate “Move” and Adult Contemporary with a special show at The Holding Co. in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 6th at 8:00pm, playing songs old and new (limited number of tickets are available here).

As a long-time fan, supporter and believer of the band myself, I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear the sultry new direction Milo Greene seems to be heading with “Move.” Still current, melodic and emotionally mature, the band’s new retro-inspired sound is reminiscent of songs of the seventies and eighties (thinking Fleetwood Mac meets Rod Stewart), yet they are able to fuse that with modern sentiment. After the release of last month’s “Be Good To Me” (with a hauntingly accurate lyric video featuring Rod Stewart himself), Milo Greene will just continue to tease us with more smooth and sultry soft rock tunes in the coming months.

Adult Contemporary, we’re ready for you.

Keep up with Milo Greene at and on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


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