“Rachel Cauilan may seem quiet…” [Graduation Quote]

“Rachel Cauilan may seem quiet, but that doesn’t mean she has little to say. Her writing reveals that there is a lot going on, and there is great depth of wisdom and a generous heart inside. For example, here are her words of wisdom for younger students: ‘Follow the path you want to succeed on, and forget all of the personal drama which comes your way. Stay happy, love your life, and be yourself. It’s the best character you could ever play.’ Among her memories, she writes: ‘I’ll always remember field days, faith families, Mardi Gras, Caritas, Christmas plays, and the people in the school community. I’ll always remember that CTK was the first place I ever handled my laughs, trips, and falls, scraping my knees. CTK is where I grew up.’ Everybody loves Rachel. They admire her for her artistic abilities, her intelligence, and they treasure her friendship. Rachel has been a member of CJSF and played basketball. She also dances with the Kariktan Filipino Dance Company.

I’ll always be grateful to you, Rachel. You were a rare student that I knew could work with well every other student in the class. Your sweet smile and gentle nature were lovely gifts in a class where everyone always has something to say.”

– Mrs. Alonso (Teacher, 8th Grade Graduation)


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