by Rachel Ann Cauilan


You fell upon the vines in the vineyard
It sickens me to see where you’ve gone
Your plastic heart overused twice too many
Your gaze lasts only on your own.
The temptress puts you in some trance
Blinded from the morals which have led your life
You think you’re better off as you are
But I can say that I question that.

The naïvety has got a hold over you
In truth you are scared,
To make of your own
Lifestyles in which they choose.

I feel like I’ve been masqueraded
By the frauds which tempt me so
My difference alienates me
In the cold rash vines, which entangle me in a world of my own.
This is the way I choose to live my life
I hope for it to impact you, yet sweetly
This world as we know it has become a disguise
In which we are all masked creatures living on by.


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