“Midnight In Paris” Review

Gil: That’s what the present is. It’s a little unsatisfying because life’s a little unsatisfying. 
Adriana: That’s the problem with writers. You are so full of words.

I’m absolutely in love with Midnight In Paris. It never ceases to please me. If you haven’t seen this, you will fall in love with all of Paris’ culture thanks to the brilliant Woody Allen. One day, je vous verrai Paris! (I will see you Paris!) This movie is filmed so beautifully and catches Paris’ natural charm. It is a simple and poignant film that strikes some sort of chord in you: We just all want to live in another world. It’s a part of the dreamer’s downfall. Once you begin to learn to live in the present… you’ll be happy.

This movie takes a good hit at criticizing the state of nostalgia, saying it is a form of living in “denial”. Artists from Fitzgerald to Hemingway to Picasso make cameos in the film as the main character befriends his literary idols in his own “Golden Age” during the roaring 20’s in Paris. Nonetheless, the movie insists “the only way to make art is to engage with the present,” as much as we’d love to live in the past. This is surrealism shown at (one of) its best.


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