“New Year’s Eve” Review

It feels good to be able to watch a movie in theaters again, and New Year’s Eve was the perfect pick. As a follow-up to 2010’s Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve definitely lives up to its exciting and hope-filled name for the new year as it presents different stories from different New Yorkers that, surprisingly, really do hit the spot. I caught myself tearing up at a few moments and, although it serves its inevitable clichés, it also has its moments of pure zest for living life. It may not have been a sophisticated and cleverly-written script, but this film allows its array of big Hollywood actors to put their own twists into their roles and have fun on the set–which is what viewers could feel. Viewers are able to relate to one or more of the intertwining stories, whether it be Lea Michele’s tear-jerking ballads, Robert De Niro’s heart-tugging scenes, or Zac Efron’s spunky spontaneity. New Year’s Eve stirs old memories, warms cold hearts, and gives one a breath of fresh air to a new season and time to really engage in the present. This is a feel-good film that invites you to open your heart to new (and possibly second) chances.


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