Traveling Back with “Safety Not Guaranteed”

“Big Machine”, Mark Duplass (Rendition), From Safety Not Guaranteed, 2012

I don’t know if it was funny or inspirational or conceptual or strange, but this movie made me smile and had some truly great moments. Initially, the concept in the film is interesting, and as you begin to invest in a trio of young journalists/interns’ journey of figuring out some eccentric guy’s belief of time travel, you get some good laughs and kicks out of the characters’ natural -selves. The characters in the movie each have their own charm, and I loved Aubrey Plaza’s rendition of a dry, satirical, emotionless-faced character named Darius. I thought it was funny yet nice and refreshing to see someone not often portrayed in movies. (And was it just me or did she remind you a bit of Meg Frampton? If she smiled a bit more? ha!)

The film serves a darker tone even though it is covered up in comedy, as there is something hauntingly dark and downright sad, as seen through Kenneth’s (Mark Duplass) somewhat eccentric and childish behavior as a full-grown man and Darius’ pessimism as a disillusioned college graduate. But, as we come to see, there is a reason as to why they feel the way they do, as their initial pursuits are noble, I’d like to say. I wasn’t all for the romance, but–as a somewhat trite concept–it’s all about the journey, and not the end result.

And, must I mention the ending?!?! I thought it was so funny that I couldn’t help but burst and let out a little laugh… You’re left with a pure, “What?”  There’s no way else to  describe the ending for ya, but I thought it was funny! All in all, this movie had its moments of wisdom and beauty when given a chance to see the reason of the characters’ hatred of the world; to lighten up the screen, we’ve gotten some downright goofy and funny characters to laugh with; and although this wasn’t too memorable a movie for me, I did enjoy it and got a good laugh from it, even in all my lonesome! And, give the song a shot, it’s a tribute to one of the most “perfect” scenes in the film. 🙂

What time would you travel back to?


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