Change of Distraction

Things may feel a bit lonely now,
As you long for that past you have grown so comfortable with.
You found a home.
You found your humble abode.
And things are different now.
Of course, you can’t help but feel a little shaken.

You find yourself at a point in your life where you finally know what exactly it is you want. You know the opportunities you wish to seek out. You know your talents and abilities. You know where your best self belongs. And you know where you want to foster your talent. But yet, you find yourself full of distraction—of obligation, commitment, responsibility, business.

When you’re not able to treat yourself to the things you love—using your own gifts and abilities to create something consumable—the goal of any true and aspiring artist—you feel empty. You live in deed but lack in production. You mingle and meet, the names and faces you see but won’t remember. People ask for you, telling you how much others love you, flock to you, miss you… But you feel empty. There’s emptiness in the distraction. Because you know the distraction isn’t what you really want. Distraction is temporary ailment for the lack of comfort you find in the life you are currently living.

All the things you have grown comfortable with are fostered in an environment that doesn’t treat your loves—your wishes as an artist.
Will you venture out into the unknown, to find the love you’ve been seeking for?
How will you weather the change of placing yourself into a new environment, completely foreign to the one you’ve been living?
You understand this is the new environment you belong in: to foster who you are, in an environment that embraces all you are.
The choice to further you as an artist, or to sit back and revel in the wonder of what you already are, as others gaze and adore in amazement…

As a seeker, you look for more than just the comfort and the wonderment, no matter how much love may be given your way… You want more, found in the environment where you may not be loved as much, but you will love yourself for fostering the artist in you.

I need a change of distraction. Yet, I have been happy.


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