[BakitWhy] Philippines wins first runner-up in Miss Universe 2012

An article I just wrote for BakitWhy.com regarding tonight’s Miss Universe pageant.


The Philippines has come so close to winning international titles this month, as Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao surprisingly lost his World Boxing Organization (WBO) ‘Champion of the Decade’ belt and Miss Philippines’ Janine Tugonon almost tastes victory in being crowned Miss Universe 2012.

In a night full of weeding out the globe’s top potential crown-bearers in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Planet Hollywood, Miss Philippines gracefully climbed her way into the final 5, staying on top of the National Costume, Swimsuit, Gown, and final Question & Answer portions.

Alongside Miss Venezuela, Miss Australia, Miss USA, and Miss Brazil, Miss Philippines did an exceptional job answering her question. She was asked whether or not she felt Miss Universe should be required to know English, and gracefully replied, with confidence:

For me, being Miss Universe is not about knowing how to speak a specific language. It’s about being able to influence and inspire other people. So whatever language you have, as long as your heart is to serve and you have a strong mind to show to people, then you can be Miss Universe.

After a final deliberation, Miss Brazil (5th), Miss Australia (4th) and Miss Venezuela (3rd) leave the stage as it comes down to the final two – Miss Philippines and Miss USA.

In the end, Miss USA Olivia Culpo is crowned Miss Universe 2012 as Miss Philippines takes the role of first runner-up to Miss Universe, and will be holding up the duties and responsibilities if Miss USA cannot fulfill the role.

It’s an exciting night for the Philippines and Filipinos around the world tonight, as the Philippines still made it into the top.

Any thoughts on the results and contestants? Leave your comments below!

* photos courtesy of AFP / JOE KLAMAR


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