Ivy Rorschach (Poison Ivy) on Girls and Guitars

Whenever I start to feel musically-deprived and “lost,” in a sense, I begin to recall why it is I love music so much. Why I love to play the guitar. Why I feel so passionate about it. And why, not only does it provide a personal sense of fulfillment, but it has the power to speak so much–it’s a vehicle for a voice, for power, and for women. I found this quote the other night, among so many others by inspiring girl guitarists, that kind of shows shows just how much I love guitar–and why it’s important too.

“Boys like the things they do to seem real hard like it takes a lot of strength to control them. But I tell you, guitar-playing’s not hard. I mean, they’re just little strings! I don’t know why guitar playing is considered a masculine art, except it’s just been appropriated that way. It doesn’t require any great strength or some male brain pattern. In fact, it’s sort of feminine. That’s why I wish more women would play guitar, because there’d be more variety in the sound of rock music.”

– Ivy Rorschach (from Guitar Goddess)


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