What Will You Do, “Only For Love”? with Meg & Dia Frampton

Note: This post was originally written on JULY 5, 2011, but I felt the need to re-post this here for its ever-resilience and timelessness in my heart. I hope this sparks a thought in you.
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“Only For Love”, Meg & Dia (from their Be Careful, I Love You, Stay In Touch B-sides dropcard EP)

“Will I always stare at that shore
Wondering, what’s it for?
Will I never venture out
And see the world, do I dare to see it now?

Listen to me, you lonely thing
You’ve come too far to just give up
It’s just always more, it’s time to explore
What the inside of your heart looks like”

Sometimes, I go weeks on weeks avoiding listening to Meg & Dia just because there’s some sort of special attachment I have that I don’t want to lose through repeatedly listening to them day-by-day. Now, I bet most of you have the impression that Meg & Dia is all I listen to because a majority of my posts and music I put on here are them. Don’t be fooled, they only take up about 141 out of the 2500 or so songs I have on my iTunes (which is my biggest portion, I might add…), but there’s a reason why that is.

Have you ever had some sort of special memento or key to your past that just unlocked and triggered all these memories and emotions you felt at a specific moment in your life? Or have you ever had some significant figure in your life that really left an imprint on your life, or your heart?

That is what Meg & Dia has done for me. As that shy little quiet and bashful 12-year-old girl, their music really triggered something in me. With no absolute idea or direction of what I wanted to pursue, or what I wanted to do with my life, or even what my own hobbies and interests were beyond scoring good grades and staying home playing video games with my brothers, their music, their words, and their voices truly spoke to me. They gave me light. They gave me wisdom. They gave me an understanding of why I felt the way I did. They made me feel less alone. They made me realize my love for English. They made me believe that my thoughts were above anyone else’s. They helped me tap into my untapped potentials. They uplifted my spirits and encouraged me to just be me at times I felt so insecure of myself. And–they let me have a purpose.

For the past 6 years, Meg & Dia really have held my hand throughout the questionable years of middle school and angsty years of high school. They gave me a hobby. They gave me an interest. They gave me a new perspective. And they have given me total realization of my own natural talent, ability, and vehicle for self-expression in music and writing when I picked up the guitar, and didn’t plan on putting it down.

As a recent high school graduate, this past year has given me so much to go off on– I’ve gained a greater awareness of the people around me, and the goodness that is truly in all; I’ve become more grateful for the relationships I do have in my life, and the position and friends I find myself in and with; I’ve come to appreciate life more openly and honestly, and plan to be more proactive; I’ve developed a newfound confidence in myself that has resulted in my being more open and friendly with others; and I’ve found where my heart truly belongs in life–and, as I start a new path towards college, I only hope to retain all I’ve learned this past year and more to forward all I have been, and can be.

I know that the road will not always be easy (a very corny thing to say, I know), and adversity will hit me straight in the face–adjusting was never easy, let alone becoming an independent soul when you’ve been the baby all your life (I know you tried Mr. Holden Caulfield…)–I’ve got to retain a sense of optimism and confidence when I go through all of this. Call me ambitious and a dreamer, because I am one, but, I’m trying, just like we all are. These aren’t easy times, but–here’s where it comes back around–those mementos and keys to your past will help you get through it.

When you come across some old memory or item or token to your past (or, in this case, each and every Meg & Dia song for me), you remember why exactly you are where you are. Whether it’s Home or a simple memory, coming back to it and embracing all it was and still is will help you come to terms with your true self. You’ll remember why it was so important to you, or why it may even have hurt you so much. You’ll remember the emotions you felt–whether you feel it again or not–and you’ll remember how far you’ve come since then. How much you’ve grown. And why you’re going the way you are going.

Talk about finding inspiration when you need it…

Inspiration isn’t too hard to find. You’ve just gotta look for it, and search for it. It will come to you if you let it.

And to add– due to Meg & Dia’s newfound exposure with Dia’s success on “The Voice”, I guess this is also a way for me to “let go.” Each individual who has made up the band has contributed so much to all of us, and, as we hardcore, diehard Meg & Dia “boardies” and fans wish to, in a way, keep our beloved small-town Utah band to ourselves, there’s no way to hide them from the world now. Their talent is inevitably great, and, as they’ve touched our hearts in so many ways, they will touch the rest of America’s as well. Dia is in such good hands and she will only go forward now–there is so much going on for her and the band now, and the future is looking so darn bright.

In the midst of adversity, what brings you down will only make you stronger. You’ll learn. You’ll grow. You’ll experience new things and enlarge your overall awareness of things… Only if you let yourself come to that, and allow yourself the chance to.

What will you do, “only for love”?

Best regards.


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