How “The Bachelorette” Des made up after heartbreak with Brooks, A response to ‘After the Final Rose’

Before reading any further, please excuse my geeking out on this show. It’s too infectious and I’m too involved not to obsess about it.

But, this past Monday night on The Bachelorette‘s 3-hour finale event, audiences were able to gain some closure on a few issues that have sprung up in the past few weeks. (And if you do not wish to hear any spoilers if you’ve somehow dodged all the news about this, then, please don’t read!)

A week ago, Des admitted, with tears, that she was already and madly in love with Brooks after he had just told her otherwise during the Overnight dates. Brooks told E! News, “Des deserves to be in love with someone that is equally in love with her. If she was at that point, great, I needed to get there and I just wasn’t there just yet.”


Of course, Des’ heartbreak over this and hearing that Brooks wasn’t feeling it as much as her breaks your heart. The waterworks and choked-up voice comes in, as she reveals that she’s never known what it was like to feel loved and have her love be reciprocated–and this was just another instance of it for her.

Though, on Monday night’s finale event, Des revealed, in perspective to some of the events that occurred (including her not-so-expected acceptance of Chris Siegfried’s marriage proposal), that she was able to fall in love again, even after just a few days of being heartbroken, because she “was so blindsided by my feelings for Brooks that the one thing I always needed was right in front of me.” She disclosed to Chris the feelings she had for Brooks, and that her ‘world was turned upside down’ by him leaving because “I loved him.”

As some of the “Bachelorette Nation” guests, personal friends of Des and past-season Bachelor Sean Lowe admits, “I would’ve packed my bags and ran off,” knowing if the love of his life was in love with another man.


I’m sure anyone following this season could clearly see the undeniable connection between Brooks and Des. She admits that, although she kept each relationship separate, she looked forward to her dates with Brooks the most. She managed to even admit that she was falling in love with Brooks early on, and her girl friends could clearly see Brooks was the one for her when they visited Des and the guys earlier in the season.

Which is why, for many people, seeing her so easily move on and accept Chris’ marriage proposal may be hard to accept. Yes, I can sympathize for her because, in retrospect, she admits that “girls love the chase,” and perhaps that’s what happened with Brooks–yet, you can’t help but feel she just settled when she already let the world know she was madly in love with Brooks.

But, I’m sure many can relate to taking some of the love we have in front of us for granted–myself included. She admits that she’s never known what it was like to feel in love and be showered in it–to have it reciprocated. And, although Chris was very showy and expressive about his love to Des, perhaps Des was taken aback by her feelings for Brooks.

As Brooks also disclosed to E! News, “Were there things I missed about her and was I sad to see our relationship come to a close? Yes.”

And yes, Chris and her look good, but, the happiness we watched with Des and Brooks is so hard to let go of. I guess we, even the audience, can’t get what we truly want. And that’s where the show goes to blame for this wreckage. Brooks was clearly in love with Des–there was never anything that went against that. Yet, it was the idea of a marriage proposal that followed the show that scared him. His feelings weren’t on the same level as Des yet, and who knows if the show were more patient or even if Des were more patient if their relationship were to grow to have Brooks feel comfortable marrying her. It’s these kind of rushes that can scare a man (or a woman), and that’s where the show broke their relationship. That’s just me ranting though.


Brooks says he “wasn’t entirely surprised” about Chris and Des. “As I said last night,” he tells E!, “it was apparent that Des had those feelings for Chris and I know Chris has those feelings for her. … Des got what she deserves and I couldn’t be happier for them.”


But, poor Des. Brooks never said he didn’t love you. He was just scared of rushing into a marriage proposal when he was still seeing how things would hash out! But, good to see you’ve found the love you deserve. You and Chris look good together, so that’s great. And as long as you can graciously accept the love that was so easily given you, that’s great. Brooks was genuinely a good guy, and it’s sad to see how it’s so easy to give bad looks to someone who people say ‘broke your heart,’ so I hope people can see Brooks’ genuine intention.

And, who can’t have some respect for Brooks after hearing him say this?

“After watching Des firsthand and the process that she went through—how emotionally taxing it was—and there were conversations about me being the next one, my response was no. That was pretty easy.” (Source:

Just goes more to show how emotionally taxing the show was for him as well, with being the next Bachelor out of question.

When all is said and done, these two tweets are by far my favorites of the season.


Image Source: ABC via Chris Seigfried

* Here’s a good recap on the 3-hour finale, if you so Desire(e)…: ‘The Bachelorette’ finale recap: Desiree Hartsock chooses Chris Siegfried

** And, if you still have doubts about the show or the ending or the genuineness of the proposal and all, here’s some clarification: Bachelorette Host Chris Harrison Takes a “Polygraph”: Is Desiree Really in Love? What Is Brooks’ Issue? Find Out!

Now, let’s all just let this sink and continue on with our own lives, perhaps taking a bit of this season with us to go out into the world and approach our own relationships with some intelligence. (Ha!)


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