“We’re the Millers” is a road-trip comedy laughing in all the right places


This film image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows, from left, Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts, and Jason Sudeikis in a scene from “We’re the Millers.” (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Entertainment, Michael Tackett)

In a summer sorely lacking in box-office comedies, We’re the Millers is refreshingly simple and downright funny in all the right places. An R-rated comedy for its crude sexual content, language and offensiveness, we happily join the “Millers–” as they are known–on a road trip to fulfill a drug smuggling mission across borders.

Though the entire premise may seem a little dumb or nonsensical for you indie-fans, this film should be praised for its seeming perfection in the casting of characters and development we see between them.

We’re counting on a dope dealer (David/Jason Sudeikis), a stripper (Rose/Jennifer Aniston), a lonely loser (Kenny/Will Poulter) and a street rebel (Casey/Emma Roberts) to round out the family called the Millers. These four broken souls who have perhaps come from broken homes and backgrounds who find themselves “in a rut” in life, somehow come together when they find themselves in the same place at the same time and agree on a “mission” for the sake of having nothing better to do.

Posing as the “perfect” family will be a challenge for strangers and haters, and you can bet the Millers get themselves into weird and awkward situations. And, as it’s said, road trips are definitely the time people get to know each other, and perhaps grow closest to each other, the most. That was no different with our Millers–including the hilariously awkward moment Casey and Rose take turns teaching the innocent Kenny how to kiss.


Image Source: Crave Online

We get our cliche moments of the stripper with a heart of gold and the wimpy teenager undergoing adolescent problems, but, the execution and character play are what truly give this film its charm. And, when the film starts to get into the mushy-gushy sentimental route, it still holds its edge. The pop culture references are refreshing and will always be hit-or-miss, but there are enough laughs and awkward situations to make this a laugh-out-loud comedy–including Jennifer Aniston’s seemingly spectacular strip tease (does that woman age?!) that works its wonders, but is still a bit stiff–which, I think, is part of the joke because she’s clearly in on it.

The outtakes are refreshing and the moments between the characters are funny. As a road trip comedy, it’s all about the ride. And with We’re the Millers, you won’t be short of any laughs.

And, may I add my obsession with Emma Roberts? She played the experienced little teen street rebel flawlessly. And Jennifer Aniston never ceases to please for, with this, I’m sure she’s brought “Friends” back, and made naughty humor seem natural. And credit to Will, who played Kenny, for making the film enjoyably awkward. And Jason Sudeikis for holding the entire film up all the way through with his SNL-ridden improv punchlines. You’re in for some fun if you watch this one!


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