ZZ Ward brings Blues and Hip-hop to Guitar Center

ZZ Ward – Til the Casket Drops (Live at Guitar Center, 1/17/2013)

Although I hate to admit it when I discover new artists from watching TV shows (Milo Greene from Covert Affairs?), I found this gem of an artist from Pretty Little Liars (ha!). PLL tends to have some pretty angsty girl-ridden music featured on their show, and that’s the kind of music I love the most! What’s not to love?

First off, this girl is too bluesy and angsty and soul-ridden to not love! It’s pretty rare nowadays to find girls who can actually play their guitar with conviction (which I myself admire and aspire to be like when I play), with a voice that has so much power. It’s too easy to find pop-ridden folky soft vocals from women nowadays, that it’s refreshing to find this girl coming from seemingly out-of-nowhere with a bluesy background.

She also makes her music very relevant by writing about things from people that make you mad, or a girl “stealing your man,” or break-ups and whatnot.

Just watch and listen and see what I’m talkin’ about. You won’t be disappointed.

And hey, I get to see this girl early September. Mmph, ready for some soul and blues and angsty lyrics to run throughout my body. Much love to this girl.

If you’d like some more angst, this song is another that I love: “Put Your Gun Down”


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