Why I love Kate Earl and her “Wicked Love,” live at Last.fm Live

Kate Earl – Wicked Love (Live at Last.fm Live, 11/3/2012)

Sunday’s the day to discover new music!

Ever since I met and saw Kate Earl opening for Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls just a month ago in July, I’ve been growing more and more in love with her. Getting to know her a bit through social media and her “katefamily,” I find she’s an artist I find myself relating to so much, it’s almost ridiculous! (I haven’t felt that way since I grew up on Meg & Dia Frampton at just 13.)

Her Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks influence on her record Stronger, and even flowy-drapery reminiscent of Stevie Nicks’ stage outfits she dons during some concerts almost broke it to me–because that’s the stage look I would die to have (and I thought I’d never meet anyone as influenced by them).

Also to add, this girl from Alaska who’s half-Filipina (and even asked if I was) has such a soft and genuinely nice personality that I see a lot in myself. She’s a sweet girl and reminds me of the music I dream to make as well (listen to “One Woman Army” and “Honey” if you ever get the chance).

When it comes to “Wicked Love,” its melodic kind of lullaby-feel has this soft, face-to-face kind of intimacy wielding an angst through its lyrics. The feel is just so smooth and jazzy with that intimate singer-songwriter feel that I love. Give yourself a listen and let the song take over you!

With a soft, gentle demeanor, goodness of heart and a particular sense of angst accompanied with the loveliness of motherhood that I just admire so very much, it’s inspiring to see Kate pursuing music the way she has. I haven’t found many artists that I feel I can match well with personality-wise, that discovering Kate is comforting. Also, her music is very genuine to who she is, which is what matters the most.

Rock on, gold dust woman.


Update: Kate is one of those pure, beautiful, free-spirited souls untouched by the hate of society who always knows her blessings. Perhaps I feel a kinship to that. She reminds me of that pure love for life that I’ve always had, but never had the confidence in owning. If I had a personal muse/role model, she’s it. #embraceyourwoman


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