Dia Frampton closes her 3rd night of residency at the Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles with sister Meg and “Halloween” (Meg & Dia)

Dia closed out her third night at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles this month by bringing back her sister Meg for an appearance.

They’re getting so old. And so are we… For remembering this song when it came out just five years ago. It feels like just yesterday when it came out that putting a number on it is so strange.

I don’t know about you, but the song leading up to mid-way brought me on the verge of tears. It was just so strange to hear this song this many years later, hearing the subtle differences in Dia’s voice having become stronger over the years, but also hearing this song again and seeing Meg beside her.

The musicianship between Meg and Dia is just so infectious. I’ve almost forgotten why it is I looked up to them so much within the past seven years of my life. It’s such a… strange feeling, that I can’t quite put words to it.

This video speaks for itself. I love songs for making me feel sad. Feel something. Something real, perhaps.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia that makes us feel a bit sad. The memories associated with the song, or of our long-term fan-dom… We’ve watched and seen them grow up as we grew ourselves. Not only is this just a plain sad song, but the comfort that was associated with it… of good times, of hardships, of when they were still trying to pursue music as a band, and the times they had… I’m rambling now, but, this is a very sweet performance.

Kudos, MaD Boardies. We always have the best memories and stash of recordings and performances of these girls.

Always love. xo


2 responses to “Dia Frampton closes her 3rd night of residency at the Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles with sister Meg and “Halloween” (Meg & Dia)

  1. I love Dia’s solo work, but I do miss Meg & Dia a lot still.

    Thanks for using my video from the show BTW. I was surprised when Dia retweeted last week’s video, and then Meg shared the one from this week. After all these years, this is the first time that I know for sure that they’ve seen one of my uploaded youtube videos of them 😀

    • Awwww, that’s awesome. Yeah, it was a special video and moment. Too special not to want to share!

      I wish I were able to come down and see one of the shows! (and if I were only a few months older to be able to get in, hahaha) It’s been a while since Dia’s put on an intimate kind of show bringing back a lot of favs we’ve missed, so it’s always a treat to see. but yes, thanks for the video! I just wish I could’ve seen and chatted with them, seems nice!

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