Ayana Giann & I cover Santana and Michelle Branch’s classic, “The Game of Love”

Rachel Ann Cauilan & Ayana Giann Carlos – The Game of Love (Santana ft. Michelle Branch Cover)

Best friends reunite!

We’ve missed you. We love you. We’re still here. It’s all in the game of love, yeah?

This video was done very organically, in just two takes after some 10 minutes of practice. We really just wanted to put out a video for you all, and this song just makes me feel so good… Doesn’t it make you too?!?

So, like we said, comment and tell us your thoughts about our hair and what we should do with it…. 😉 and, if you have any thoughts on our cover as well, that’d be nice too.

Also, if you have any cool ideas for covers for us, maybe you’ll see it in an upcoming video?!? (The next time we get the chance to….)

As always, keep in touch, and keep the music alive.
Rachel & Giann
@rachelannc & @ayanagiann

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