Response to Chandler the Robot: Why I Started (Guitar) And Why I Must Not Stop


When practicing the guitar becomes difficult after I’ve reached another plateau, I find myself coming up with all sorts of excuses and complaints, constantly tempting me to stop trying, to just let it all go.

These thoughts, little devils preying on my tired shoulders, buzz into my ear: “Let… (Source)

This is such a great post reflecting back on the time someone fell in love with music and the guitar, and the life it entailed.

I have to say, I can relate to this myself a lot. I’ve always grown up a goody-two-shoes in a private Catholic school, following rules and obligations and getting good grades. I danced cultural dancing with my family for years, and was the epitome of a “perfect” Filipino child (I wouldn’t say so myself, of course).

For me, the joy in playing guitar was in finding something that could express what my heart or mind or words or voice couldn’t quite convey. It was that weird sort of spiritual expression that was able to reach audiences in a tangible way.

The weird thing was, it was actually you, Meg, who pretty much inspired and pushed me to think more logically about and to push myself in developing my guitar skill. I saw something in you and your sister, Dia–a genuine love for doing what you do, even if it meant not everyone taking you seriously as Asian-Americans or women in a male-dominant industry. It was the sincerity of character I saw in y’all, as I found people who I could genuinely relate to and could kind of look up to when it came to staying true to yourself and interests. I had no shame.

I agree with you. Pursuing music and the guitar is kind of like a love for feeling. That feeling you have just takes you on a great high, where you feel entirely in your element. Something you can’t entirely find elsewhere…

You can never quite give up on love, as much as you try to convince yourself to. It will keep haunting you, and you will keep going back to it–which is why anything related to that love, personally, will be something I will keep close to in all walks in my life, and all that I choose to do in the future. ❤


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