If you didn’t believe in her yet, this new song from Cassadee Pope “Proved You Wrong”

Am I the only one who’s super excited for Cassadee Pope’s highly-anticipated solo-debut album Frame by Frame to finally be released this coming Tuesday, October 8th?

Ever since her big The Voice-win last December, she’s been teasing us all year-long, going on various radio tours and parading around with the Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry on tour in cities all across the nation.

Last May, she released her first single, “Wasting All These Tears,” following up with a music video. She then went on to scatter her other singles, “You Hear A Song” and “11” both in August, “Good Times” at the beginning of September, and “Champagne” at the end.

She’s been performing several of these songs during her live performances, making fans and audiences alike sing-along to her heart-achy, crooning ballads, jump up and groove to her acoustic-driven rhythm-filled jams, and feel touched by the stories she tells of herself, her career, her family and her heart.

With just a few days before the release of her album, Cassadee and her peeps have–then again–shown us another song!

But, to all those old weary fans who may have turned their backs to her new country sound, y’all should give her a second chance with this song she wrote three years ago, back when she still fronted the pop-punk band Hey Monday and kept this song under-wraps in her back-pocket–until now.

“It’s about going through obstacles in my career – labels not believing in me, leaving labels and losing people’s attention,” Cassadee tells Rolling Stone.

At first sounding like another heartbreak anthem, Cass reveals there’s a struggle much deeper in it.

“I took more of a relationship spin on it to make it more relatable. There are a lot of relationships where one person doesn’t really understand what the other is doing, as far as their career, and they’re not being very supportive.”

Cass has revealed that this was indeed the song she had performed acoustic on her solo acoustic tour before going on The Voice.

But, if this song wasn’t enough to bring you back to your love of pop-punk infused with a modern-country edge, then, I don’t know what to tell you. This girl’s got so many great tunes coming from her first album, with an immense pop-punk-country-rock backing to follow. Sometimes, you just need music that makes you feel good and can tell you something along the way.

I’m sure you can find that here.

And, perhaps as this song closes her album, its song and its title “Proved You Wrong” serves a sort of double-message. She’s one of those artists who tried many things and failed in other places, achieved some success but not the one she’d hoped for, and yet, after all those years of endurance and persistence, she finds herself here, closing and ending her first debut solo album, with an accompanying CMT docuseries premiering tomorrow night.

Talk about proving us all wrong–well, for those who didn’t necessarily believe or know about her in the first place…

Growth and experience can take us far, only if we let it. Its her persistence and passion that mattered.

Listen to the song here:



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