Cassadee Pope reveals the trials and tribulations of becoming a country star in premiere of CMT docuseries “Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame”

CMT_Cassadee_BB_10x10Achieving solo success as you launch a new music career isn’t easy–even after winning the widely-popular reality TV series The Voice.  As her CMT docuseries Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame premiered Friday (Oct. 4) at 10 p.m. ET/PT, we take a look into Cassadee Pope’s journey into launching herself as a solo artist–with all the stress, drama, and weird occurrences that take place on the road.

“There is natural drama,” Pope told CMT Radio. “It’s not boyfriend stuff, relationship stuff. It’s not petty. It’s real-life drama that happens when you’re picking a new single or figuring out the best way to roll out your new music. I mean, things like that are dramatic.”

In the premiere episode, we take a glimpse into Cassadee’s first leg into her radio tour, showcasing a couple of new single-contenders to audiences and listening keenly to their feedback.

We also get to hang and laugh a little with Cassadee as she records with buddies like the papa-like Dan Huff in the studio and gets pranked on at radio stations. (Was I the only one who fell for that?!)

It’s charming to see this singer’s real-life journey achieving music stardom, success, and credibility as both a solo artist and music professional.

“I think some people might have a skewed vision of what life is like after you win The Voice and they might think it’s more of an easy road, but I found that it’s harder,” Pope told The Hollywood Reporter. “People want you to exceed their expectations even after seeing you on a TV show. They want you to be better than on the show and if you’re not, they don’t care about you.”

This docuseries takes us through Cassadee’s own personal video-recordings and camera-followings as she documents her life recording, touring, and everything-in-between–whether it be waking up before the sun rises to staying up until the next morning, to days where she may even forget to eat and rushes to put on makeup through an airport terminal.

It’s rare to see the highs and lows of an upcoming music star that it’s doubly-charming to follow such a cool chick throughout this journey. She may seem kooky and a bit silly, but she’s also got all the guts and persistence of a real music professional.

There can be a lot to learn about the arduous music industry here, but Cassadee makes it look so easy, taking us through her “Good Times” and perhaps even the harder times when we were “11” and “Wasting All These Tears.” It’s not always easy, but it’s good to be a little silly at times!

You can watch the first episode here or on CMT’s website. Come watch with me and share your thoughts!


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