Cassadee Pope takes us inside releasing day 1 of new album “Frame by Frame”

Cassadee Pope Frame By Frame Street Week – Day 1

The day is finally here! Cassadee Pope’s Frame by Frame is finally released in stores and online on iTunes, today!

It is definitely an exciting moment for her and all fans alike, and I can’t wait to see how her listeners respond. This video is so much fun, because not only is it backed by such a fun song, it captures her day-to-day moment-to-moment life promoting her album and establishing herself as a solo artist. All these behind-the-scenes ish-deal is getting to me. I’ve yet to catch her morning appearances from VH1’s Morning Buzz and the Today Show. (But what is the song playing throughout this video?! It’s not one that’s been shown before, and whoever said she went too country was wrong, because she definitely still has her natural Cassadee edge to it.)

Whatever the case, any thoughts of you listening to the album so far? Anyone listening with me? This is gonna be a fun, feel-good and sweet album—I can feel it! (Captures her personality, ya?)


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