Miley Cyrus shines in spoofing herself in her “Saturday Night Live” debut

Miley Cyrus seems to be the queen of social talk in everything music news, entertainment, and media gossip today. But, she isn’t unaware of her actions; rather, Miley takes some pleasure in poking some fun at herself, which makes us all question whether or not she has some hidden message going on.


Whatever the case, Miley absolutely rocked performing and hosting her night on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Why? Well, the opening sketch of Saturday’s episode took place in the year 2045 when poor canned bean-eating Kenan Thompson is huddling around a fire remembering the day “all the troubles began–” the 2013 Video Music Awards.

But, all the twerktastic, tongue-sticking, foam-finger riding with Beetlejuice himself that fateful day was left to no-apologies as Miley meets with the “old Miley” and talks over what would be a “controversial performance.” She definitely has no problem making fun of herself, saying it’s “less about the singing,” perhaps telling us that the trouble she creates keeps things interesting and entertaining–what the VMAs are all about.

In her opening monologue, she mentions there would be no twerking, saying, “I used to think twerking was cool, but now that white people are doing it it seems kinda lame,” shrugging and perhaps pointing some fingers to herself.

There were many great highlights to Miley’s night on SNL. Her government-parody of her hit “We Can’t Stop” into “We Did Stop (The Government)” was in all-ways nasty and smart, as she dons a brown-bob wig mimicking a slutty version of Republican representative Michele Bachmann, with Taran Killam and his snow-white leotard, reminiscent of Miley’s music video, playing House Speaker John Boehner. It was raunchy and delicious and gave new flavor to this ode-to-partying song, giving a whole new meaning to “This is our house, this is our rules.”

Genius. (Perhaps the raucous of partying somehow correlates with the crazed power-driven desires of the government.)

Miley kept her cool throughout the whole night, though, doing her thing and doing it right. Her powerful performance of “Wrecking Ball” was filled with so much emotion, raw honesty and talent. She performed a poignant version of “We Can’t Stop” accompanied by three acoustic guitars. And–surprise!–she’s wearing more conservative semi-sheer clothes at the same time. (Come on, she’s a human being like us all who knows what it means to perform and what it means to be real.)

She’s assured us all that she’s just going to do what’s true to her–true to Miley. And has she ever done us wrong?

I would think no.

She even throws in a little tidbit mentioning that she’s only 20-years-old and wants to have the freedom to grow up and mess up a little bit.

So, with all the laughs, entertainment, awe-driven moments of talent and natural charisma on-screen entertaining a crowd, it’s safe to say she’s a real talent, and artist–not some pre-packaged cookie-cut version of an earlier “ghost.”

With sketches highlighting Grand Theft Auto V and Scarlett Johannson’s screen test for Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m reminded why this show can be so much fun at times. “This is our house, this is our rules,” indeed.

Catch the full episode, or episode highlights, on’s Saturday Night Live now:


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