Legendary Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) meets Lady Antebellum in CMT’s Crossroads

“Just A Kiss” (Lady Antebellum) – Filled with all the familiar sweetness and passion, this song gave me the chills towards the end… Their voices just seem to hang on you…

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CMT Crossroads, Ep. 49: Stevie Nicks and Lady Antebellum

Upon hearing this collaboration, my heart almost absolutely melted. First off, Stevie Nicks is such a legendary singer, songwriter, figure and songstress that her music seems to just take you into another world. Reminiscent of her Fleetwood Mac days, she conveys her incredible dream-like songwriting, imagery, angst and emotion within her singing. And, with country-trio Lady Antebellum, we get a contemporary and sweet country-feel that makes you “want to be in love,” as Stevie says herself.

Opening to the power-chord driven rock anthem “Edge of Seventeen,” Lady A and Stevie prove a brilliant collaboration oozing with all the energy and exuberance of youth. There comes in a lot of heart, masterfully-crafted harmonies consisting of 3, sometimes 4 voices, and music played just as well with the right amount of energy. It’s wonderful.

The show, pairing up country music artists with artists from other genres, often proves country to be a happy marriage within the rock world. In the hour-long episode, CMT Crossroads: Lady Antebellum and Stevie Nicks, the group performs hits from Lady Antebellum’s ‘Just A Kiss,’ ‘Need You Know,’ ‘Love Don’t Live Here’ and ‘Golden,’ along with Stevie Nicks’ hits ‘Rhiannon,’ ‘Landslide,’ ‘Edge of Seventeen’ and ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.’

I’ve always preached on “Rhiannon” being my favorite song during a lot of my high school days–even naming my first guitar after that song (and attempting to maybe even name my own daughter after it!)–it only feels right to highlight that song here. What’s awe-strucking about Lady A’s collab with Stevie on this song is that you’ll probably hear a version that sounds more like Fleetwood Mac’s original than Stevie herself could do.

“I gave Hillary (Scott) that high part in ‘Rhiannon’ because I don’t sing it that way on stage — because I can’t reach that note,” Stevie told The Hollywood Reporter. “I reached it once: the day we recorded the song in 1977. I thought, you know what, if we’re gonna do this, wouldn’t it be great to actually have her sing the real melody of ‘Rhiannon.’ Because it has not been sung since it was written!”

This collaboration was formed entirely in Nicks’ name, as she says she got it from a dream.

“[Buckingham and I] were just having our usual little disagreement [in the dream], because that’s what we do,” Stevie says. “And I laughingly said to him, ‘Well, fine. I’ll just go join Lady Antebellum.’ And then the dream ended, and I sat up, and there it was.”

Probably one of the most magical pairings–in my eyes–to see the old meeting the new in a way that pays homage to the classic rock we all love and should know, it keeps that love and respect relevant and exciting. And it’s also quite refreshing to see Stevie in this manner, as Lady A is definitely aware of how honored a blessing it is to perform with Stevie.

This is definitely a moment in musically-lovin’ history I think would be shameful to miss!

Gotta love that Stevie. Gotta love that Lady. And you gotta love country. Rock on, gold dust woman…

“Gold Dust Woman” (Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks) – For long-time Nicks fans, hearing her take this song again almost puts you to tears. Her moments of getting lost into the song as if in a dream or trance–as if some musical beast has taken over her body–reminds you just how great Ms. Nicks was, always, and always has been. Mmph.


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