Indie-quartet Milo Greene creates an atmosphere of their own with “Wooden Antlers / Don’t You Give Up On Me” live in KEXP Studio

Milo Greene – Wooden Antlers / Don’t You Give Up On Me (Live on KEXP, November 14, 2012)

Because after a stressful past few days, the only thing that feels right is to blast music through my headphones to help me escape into a world of my own…

There’s something truly magical that Milo Greene is able to create within their music. As one of my all-time favorite current, contemporary indie bands, Milo Greene’s music can be described as ethereal, cinematic, experimental…

I’ve never met another group of musicians who can make you feel so good. Seeing them live just a year ago was probably one of my favorite moments in my concert-going history [Concert Recap]. As a musician myself, I have mad respect for artists and musicians who can really play their instruments and create an atmosphere–and sound–of their own.

With four lead singers and a knack for harmony, this sweet performance was done in November of last year in the KEXP Studio in Seattle. Here, the all-instrument all-singing quartet performs “Wooden Antlers / Don’t You Give Up On Me” from their debut self-titled album.

As they have said themselves to me before, “It took us about a year to make this album.” That dedication, work ethic and time put into creating an album such as this is such a feat.

It’s been a year, though, their music is still as effective and magical as it was on me before.

And, they’re continuing to make waves. Listen, and you may see why I love them too.


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