Indie-company LOVE NAIL TREE inspires Story with Short Plays in “6th Edition Theatre”

This past weekend, independent-clothing and jewelry company Love Nail Tree presented Story: 6th Edition Theatre, a small production complete with short plays inspired by their 6th-edition products. Located inside the small Downtown Los Angeles warehouse in which the company works out of, their mission to “move people to action and inspire deep change within them” was widely felt.

Upon arriving on location, I was charmed by its intimate, redbrick-walled exterior and quaint underground warehouse feel. The venue was small but had just enough space to display their clothing, hold set pieces and move around items all on an open floor to invite events like this.

The people at this event seemed to be generally friendly and passionate about the company. Although the guest count was small, I’m assuming (seeming to be close friends and family of the work staff and performers; also, the man who looked me up at the door was able to locate my name easily), it was very comfortable and intimate enough to be able to let these people tell their stories.

There was also a cute little popcorn stand with salt and butter to add offered at the event. The free 6th-edition products which came free with ticket price were on display with the rest of their products (which could be opted out for an item in their sale crate). The color scheme of the warehouse mainly depended on shades of black, grey, and the occasional blues and browns with a dimly-lit surrounding. The overall ambiance was cool, calm and comfortable as it helped us get into the mindset of wrapping our heads around the ideas of change and story the company wished to exhibit.

Presenting 6th Edition Theatre on Thursday through Sunday night, the seating available probably allowed for 30 people per day, which I think made for a casual and intimate setting where people were able to drop in-and-out whenever they were able to attend.

The Stories were as follows:

  • Livin’ On Dreams & Cereal – A writer faces the distractions in her life.
  • Remember Midnight – A girl takes a train-ride to an almost forgotten past.
  • Bullshit Media – The top rated news show reports on beauty and perfection.
  • Former Self – A man faces the truth of who he was.
  • Wide Awake – A couple uncovers the truth they’ve been ignoring.
  • Connection – A mosaic of missed connections.

I was thoroughly touched by the stories and level of creativity this company boasts. With a company staff of four and five performing collaborators (performers) that night, the small community this company works with is charming. Presenting  stories about aspiring artists, writers and those striving to work in media, while also touching on issues that go along with those, such as the media’s portrayal of beauty and the everyday relations and missed connections one has with people at social events, it definitely stays true to its Los Angeles-based roots.

With graphic t-shirts that each come with a story of its own, handmade jewelry, and the forces of photography, written word and film production, this company is starting to make some big waves in creating a culture of their own. And, I’m glad to say that I am one who has been able to experience this company’s humble beginnings.

P.S. They had a pretty cool bathroom. How could I not take a picture in there?! 


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